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Promotion Awareness, Education, And LOVE.

 PitbullBoss is created in hopes of providing a resource for pit bull lovers, bully owners and those interested in learning more about petbulls.
PitbullBoss is more than just a store for pit bulls is a place for you to share your stories, ask questions, provide education and help to show the world that these dogs are so much more than the reputation that precedes them.

The media made believe that the pitbull race is aggressive and unpredictable and insensitive, that it is better not to be near children. And society believes it, but we know pit bull are the most faithful friends. That’s why we demonstrate with the best pitbull shirts, harnesses and accessories that we are proud and that we should not fear to any types of pit bulls

When you educate a pit bull with love you do not have to have that problem.

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The mission of this site is to break through the stereotypes that are pervasive in our society regarding pit bulls and bully breed dogs through education and the promotion of responsible ownership.

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